Less than Truckload Quotes – LTL Freight Quotes

Less than truckload quotes are a major part of the shipping industry, and one that you should be aware of if you’re moving freight. So let’s do this! Less than truckload has a common acronym, LTL, so if you see that later in this blog, we’re talking less than truckload.

Less than Truckload Quotes

Typically, a regular less than truckload quote will take up less than 12 feet of linear space on a truck. For those of you who don’t have truck dimensions tacked to your office walls, this equates to 6 standard size pallets, not stacked. A standard size pallet is typically 48 inches x 40 inches (LxW) or 48 inches x 48 inches.

Now that we’ve defined LTL, what exactly do we need to get an accurate less than truckload shipping quote? It comes down to 4 basic must-haves: Origin zip code, destination zip code, total weight, and freight class. I can’t say this enough: THESE FOUR PIECES OF INFORMATION ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

The zip codes and total weight are self-explanatory, but for freight Class our website quote feature will determine your proper freight class when you enter the dimensions and weight per packaged item. See freightdynamics.com.

Another vital piece of information for less than truckload quotes is the mention of additional services. The standard LTL shipment is dock-to-dock. If you don’t have a shipping dock or forklift to get the pallets off the truck, you’ll need a liftgate. They can change your freight quote. Also if you are shipping to or from a non-commercial address such as a residence, or place where no dock is available, you need to let us know that in your quote request as well. You will find these listed under “Accessories”.

Less than truckload has a lot of moving parts, and this blog is just a primer. If you’re new to shipping, be sure to call us or login to our website for a free shipping quote.

Freight Dynamics has many resources and can offer you half truckload quotes, or a certain # of feet per truck. We handle oversized loads, and high value difficult to move shipments. Please email us at info@freightdynamics.com for a custom rate quote whenever your shipment isn’t standard.

Happy Shipping!

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