Air Freight Shipping Services

Freight Dynamics provides a wide variety of specialized freight delivery and freight shipping options to its commercial and residential clients via its vast network of 1,800 affiliates worldwide. Clients can also choose from a wide range of custom crating and custom package services with no limitations on size or weight from anywhere in the United States. See our online instant quote here.

Freight Dynamics is a freight forwarding and third party logistics company who offers many types of freight services for commercial and residential clients. We utilize ground freight, airfreight and sea freight methods to meet your budget and delivery requirements. With no limits on size or weight, we use the most effective means of transporting your shipment. The company uses both cargo and commercial airliners for freight shipping and delivery. In addition to air freight delivery, customers can also choose to ship their goods via ground or sea as well, if International. Clients choose this freight company over other freight shipping companies, because the company utilizes an advanced airfreight system that offers secure, unlimited and advanced scheduling options for customers shipping palletized freight and individual packages domestically and internationally.

Freight Dynamics offers both domestic and International freight shipping services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have no limitations on weight or size of shipment. To expedite the shipping process, Freight Dynamics uses forklifts to lift and move all freight. Prior to time of shipping, freight must be shrink-wrapped or banded onto pallets. Clients in need of custom packaging can choose from a wide variety of packaging and shrink-wrapped palletized options.

For added convenience Freight Dynamics offers a point-to-point freight shipping service from any location in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. The company also offers delivery, pick-up and removal of debris upon request as well. Customers shipping items domestically can choose to have domestic packages and freight delivered within one to ten days.

Freight Dynamics Domestic Delivery Services

1-day – Delivery to major cities by Noon, others by 5 PM. Remote areas may add additional days. Call ahead with the zip codes to confirm transit time.

2-day – Delivery by the end of the second business day, usually 4:30 PM. Remote areas may add additional days. Call ahead with the zip codes to confirm transit time.

3-day – Three day delivery to most US cities. Remote areas may add additional days. Call ahead with the zip codes to confirm transit time.

3-5 day Deferred – Three to five day delivery to all US cities. This service is typically partial airfreight and partial line haul service, but for the most part provides direct delivery without going through various hub systems and has much gentler handling for fragile shipments.

Ground – One to ten day delivery to all US cities. This can include LTL or FTL service (less than truckload or full truckload) and may utilize break bulk carriers if customer is confident shipment is professionally packaged well enough to sustain material. This is the lease expensive service most of the time, but is not recommended for items that could break or be damaged unless packaged extremely well.

Freight shipments exceeding 100 lbs. must be forkliftable, banded or shrink-wrapped onto pallets.

Point-to-Point Service available to and from all U.S. locations including Alaska and Hawaii.

Inside pick-up, Inside delivery and debris removal services available for heavy items upon request in advance of setting up shipment.

Custom packaging, Palletizing and crating services available to/from every U.S. city regardless of size or weight.

Clients in need of customized freight shipping should contact Freight Dynamics for fast freight shipping or a freight shipping rates for items that don’t fit into any particular window are to be shipped domestically or internationally by phone, email or our online quoting system.